Fri, 11 October 2019


Dear Parents

Further to my circular yesterday I need to bring two more points to your attention.

Fee Collection

I am pleased to be able to be able to say that the collection is going well but there are still a few payments which have come through such avenues as Ecocash, Zipit, third party individual payments, third party company payments and mobile banking which are problematic as it is impossible to know who the payments have been made in favour of!

If you know that your payment was made in one of these manners please see the Bursar as soon as possible so that we can link the payment to you.

Those with payment contracts PLEASE arrange to settle these before half term.

Allied Arts Visual Arts Festival 2019

I have great pleasure in letting you know that Twin Rivers won no fewer than four NATIONAL PRIZES this year – three group efforts and one individual:

      -      Grade 2...